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Why Democrats Are Turning Red

Selma or Woodstock?

There are two distinct strains of American liberalism today. The Traditonal Liberal and the Hippie Liberal.

I lived in both camps. I was at the March On Washington in 1963. I heard the "I Have a Dream" speech. I am somewhat knowledgeable of the Civil Rights Movement. I consider the Civil Rights Movement (including emancipation) to be the most successful social reform movement in American History. I consider Martin Luther King to be a genuine American Hero
Martin Luther King

When Jesse Jackson and others in Black leadership trade on King's name without regard for King's public moral stand on traditional marriage and abortion, I shutter.

My parents were Civil Rights workers before it became fashionable. My wife and I chose to live in a neighborhood called "Nigger Hill" by White Realtors. We started home fellowships and helped keep Black and Hispanic kids out of trouble.

Traditional Liberals and Hippie Liberals are at odds. Most of the civil rights movement was made up of Traditional Liberals.. When Jesse Jackson supported the Democratic abortion rights platform, he slapped many of those Traditional Liberals in the face.
Partial-Birth Abortion

Most union workers are Traditional Liberals. When the Democratic Party was instrumental in taking prayer out of public school, it slapped those Traditional Liberals in the face. Most Hispanics are Traditional Liberals. When Democrats in the California Legislature legalized marijuana, they slapped those Traditional Liberals in the face. Most Catholics are Traditional Liberals. When Democrats in the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, it slapped those Traditional Liberals in the face.

Traditional Liberals are no longer influential in academia or the media, so they are mostly ignored. But every presidential election shows they are still represent a significant voting block.

Traditional Liberals accepted their demise with grace. After all, their guiding principles prevent them from engaging in the underhanded tactics that too often typify the Hippie Liberals. But the more the Hippie Liberals insult the Traditional Liberal's morality, the more Democrats will be turning red.

Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll

Hippie Liberalism began during the Viet Nam war. Over the last 30 years, as the Traditional Liberal leadership died off, the Hippie Liberals took control of the Democratic Party. What began mostly as a self-serving cause, (free love, not war) evolved into a patchwork of disparate lobbies united by a world view that was decidedly Anti-Establishment, and anti-traditional morality.

Sex, drugs and Rock-N-Roll used to symbolize the counterculture Hippie movement. Now it's mainstream Hippie Liberalism. When Whoopie Goldburg jokes about her privates, Hippie Liberals in Democratic Party leadership calls it Mainstream America.

When Hollywood "elite" invite Democrats to their fundraising dinners, their speeches help widen the gulf between Traditional Liberals and the Democratic Party.

As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is

Hippie Liberals don't like Christianity. Christianity is most likely the religion they rebelled against in their youth. It enrages Hippie Liberals that the very religion they "proved wrong" is now the guiding light in the lives of a majority of Bush voters. This is the best explanation for the hatred of Bush. It's not just his policies that enrage the Hippie Liberal, it's that Bush actually believes and lives his life by the guiding light of a religion which the Hippies declared bigoted and useless thirty years ago. The "Moral Majority" religion isn't Biblical Christianity, but it places "a form of Godliness" on a pedestal the Hippies thought they had destroyed.

Sexual freedom has been proven to be destructive to individuals and societies. The reality of AIDS has modulated even Hollywood's insane message of copulation with anyone at anytime for any reason. Most actors and actresses know that sex with a homosexual or bisexual could mean withering disease and death. Once again, attitudes are changing not because of tradition, but because morality, or in this case, abstinence works.

The Classic Rockers Were Wrong.

The Classic Rockers were wrong. Listen to any classic rock station. Listen to the lyrics. The "love the one you're with" theme encouraged that generation of females to be "angels in the morning." Females bought the lie that it's cool to give and get sex outside of commitment and family
Jimmy Hendrix

Up until the Hippies, women understood and used the power of sex to get, and keep a family. But Hippie women bought the lie that they were no different than men, even in sexual matters

And now we see a generation of Hippie offspring incapable of raising their own children. Most of the Hippies who married, got divorced at least once. Instead of being honest about the terrible effect divorce has on kids, they rationalized pursuing their lust by saying it wouldn't be healthy if the kids were raised in a home with no love. This was just a continuation of the same Hippie rationale for selfishness.

Many Hippie Liberals now concede that the sexual revolution has contributed to the 50% divorce rate. They recognize the link between fornication and the spread of AIDS and other STD's. Many are starting to encourage their grandkids to attend the churches they declared useless 30 years ago. There's a new axiom…."If you screwed up raising your kids, you'll have a second chance with your grandkids."

Look at the lives of the Classic Rockers. You'll find that lust has had it's inevitable effect.

Many have died of drug overdose. Except for the few that gave their lives to Jesus Christ, divorce and drug addiction is the norm. Every time one of their songs is played on the radio, it reminds us just how shallow and selfish they really were.

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