The Hour Of Decision

Beth volunteered when her pastor asked for workers to serve as counselors at the Franklin Graham crusade. She was already an experienced worker, having helped lead many to the Lord. She didn’t think this would be any different than witnessing to family, friends and neighbors. She was shown a video on how to deal with people who made a decision for Christ at the altar.

She was given a counseling booklet that explained “How to be sure that Christ has forgiven my sin,” and, for the person who didn’t understand why they had said the salvation prayer, “How to know what I’ve done.” Beth was bothered that the crusade staff assumed everyone who came forward was ready to pray a salvation prayer.

With all her witnessing in the past, it took many long hours of counseling before people were willing to truly commit their lives to God. And the people she spent the most time with, many who claimed to have made a decision for Christ, exhibited no evidence of a new life. Because of this, she was careful never to lead someone to the conclusion they were saved unless they bore obvious fruit (Galatians 5:22-25).

To be honest, the ones who constantly wanted to be assured of their salvation were the very ones she considered to be deceived.