The Graham Formula
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Find out how Billy Sunday forever changed the definition of what it meant to be "born again" when he called everyone who came forward in an altar call a "convert". Before Sunday, evangelists invited seekers to an after-meeting to learn about repentance and the means of grace, and to pray that God would save them. After Sunday, salvation was assured if someone took a "step of faith." His wife boasted, "He made it (the question of salvation) so simple that there was no need for inquiry rooms."
Find out why Dawson Trotman, after having led numerous people to the Lord, abandoned the "hit-and-run-evangelism he and other had practiced for years" and taught his Navigators to never lead someone to the Lord unless they were able to follow them up. He said "you can lead a man to Christ in a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, but it takes twenty weeks to a couple of years to adequately follow him up."
Franklin Graham assumed he was saved when he made an ineffective decision for Christ at age eight. Fourteen years later his famous father told him the truth. Billy Graham said, "You're going to have to make a choice either to accept Christ or reject him. You can't continue to play the middle ground. Either you are going to choose to follow and obey Him or reject Him." Thank God Franklin repented and God saved him when he was twenty-two.
Find out why Oswald Chambers said of Billy Sunday evangelism, "When a man is born again, he knows it is because he has received something as a gift from almighty God and not because of his own decision. People register their vows, and sign their pledges, and determine to go through, but none of this is salvation." The 100% salvation rate promoted by Billy Sunday became commonplace, making the phrase "Sunday Convert" a term of derision.
Find out what popular evangelical doctrine A. W. Tozer called a heresy. "We are saved by accepting Christ as our savior; we are sanctified by accepting Christ as our Lord; we may do the first without the second. ... What a tragedy in our day we often hear the gospel appeal made on this kind of basis: Come to Jesus! You don't have to obey anyone. You don't have to change anything; you don't have to give up anything ... just come to Him and believe in Him as savior."
Find out why Billy Graham brought back the after-meeting and inquiry room. To minimize spurious conversions, Graham developed a three-part formula for success.

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