How the word "disposition"
Relates to the
Heresy of Decisional Regeneration


From Noah Webster's 1928 American Dictionary OF THE English Language  


Manner in which things or the parts of a complex body are placed or arranged; order; method; distribution; arrangement.
Natural fitness or tendency.
Temper or natural constitution of the mind.
Inclination; propensity; the temper or frame of mind, as directed to particular objects. We speak of the disposition of a person.

When New Light Calvinist ministers used the word "DISPOSITION", they meant "THE WAY A PERSON IS" OR "THE WAY A PERSON ACTS AND THINKS BECAUSE OF THE WAY HE IS". A person's disposition can not be changed by an act of the will any more than a cat can become a dog by an act of the will. A cat can imitate a dog, but that does make it a dog. A sinner can imitate a saint, but that does not make him a saint.