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Why Democrats Are Turning Red


The liberal divide

The year was 1972. I was a typical American heathen teenager. I woke up with a hangover. Too much Old Crow. I had slept just 3 hours. The morning light gave me a headache as I walked down the hall toward the kitchen. I heard my girlfriend talking to her mother. I could tell by the muffled tones they didn't want me to overhear their conversation. I wasn't sure if Mary was spilling her guts. I spent the night in her bed. Legally, It wasn't rape, (we were under 18) but I didn't know just how liberal her 45 year old, divorced, college professor mother was. I hoped Mary didn't tell her everything. The alcohol had made me unable to "perform."

As I walked into the kitchen, they looked up at me as though they felt guilty. The mother smiled and offered me coffee and orange juice. I'm not exaggerating when I say she looked proud. I don't know if she was pleased by her daughter's choice, or happy that we were all being so "adult" about it, or perhaps that she felt relieved that her little girl had "grown up."

I'm sure my mother wouldn't have been able to understand the woman. Both were liberal, but my mother was a devout Catholic. If my father hadn't "saved her," she would have become a nun. No, she wouldn't have understood this type of Liberal. Not in a million years.

There's a huge difference between Traditional Liberals and what I call Hippie Liberals when it comes to personal morality. This book defines personal morality as self-control in the interest of others. Sex is the hub around which male morality revolves. Just before Israel was about to start conquering the Promised Land, a heathen king sought the counsel of a prophet of God. "How do I defeat them?" was the question. The answer was relevant to America today. "Entice them to fornicate with your women." (Revelation 2:14) On this critical issue, Hippie liberalism is identical to Hugh Heffner's Playboy philosophy of the 1950's.

Before the Vietnam Nam War, Traditional Liberals fought for change within the context of traditional morality. Since Hippie Liberals have taken over the Democratic Party, "liberal" has come to mean the systematic deconstruction of traditional morality. What was once a movement based on high ideals has been co-opted into a moral free-for-all. The unifying feature of this deconstruction is "It's nobody's business what consenting adults do in private." Thank you, Hugh Heffner.

This ridiculous credo would be funny if it weren't for the 50% divorce rate and half our kids growing up in dysfunctional homes, as well as numerous other tragedies. (I'm still waiting for inner-city blacks to get upset with homosexuals who could have stopped the spread of AIDS before it became mainstream.) Regardless of the consequences of selfishness, Hippie Liberals continue to beat the "free love" drum. America is like a ship sinking as immorality fills the hull. Traditional Liberals and Conservatives try to plug the holes with movements like the Promise Keepers, while Hippie Liberals furiously drill new "free love" holes.

Many Democrats watched the leadership of their party change hands from Traditional Liberals to Hippie Liberals. As their new leaders undermine traditional morality, more Democrats are turning red.

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