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The Failure Of Sex Education in Public Schools

For the last 40 years, American children have been taught the physical aspects of sexual intercourse in public schools. The reasons were ostensibly to prevent unwanted pregnancy and teach hygiene and responsible behavior. The Church stood back, thinking it was a necessary evil.
Sex Education

After all, there were real problems on "the other side of the tracks." Well, the tracks have moved into the suburbs, and now what was a back street problem has become Main Street. What used to be a problem for the very poor and very rich is now an issue in every home in America. Hollywood and New York based Media has reached into the most remote villages, so now even the smallest towns have Big Town problems.

The proposition is simple. Our Constitution allows for supplemental religious education for public school kids who want it. The Catholic Church taught catechism during regular school hours ever since the inception of public school. It's time for Catholic and Protestant churches to use the same device to begin a concerted effort to reverse the fornication epidemic among public school teenagers.

Alternative Christian Sex Education may also be the most effective way to influence American culture as a whole - starting with the most impressionable...Junior High kids. If a youngster knows his value in God's eyes, and trusts God's reasons for sex within the context of marriage, he has a viable alternative to resist the message of secular humanists. Youngsters that have a purpose and meaning for living are more able to counter the lure of sexual sin. And more importantly, there will the be the very real possibility to REVERSE school peer pressure and bring back female control over the situation. Unfortunately, a large percentage of girls (including some who belong to a church) loose their virginity in High School.

If you think it's impossible to implement an alternative Christian Sex Education course in your local public school, go to and learn your rights.

Schools have the discretion to dismiss students to off-premises religious instruction, provided those schools don't encourage or discourage participation or penalize those who do not attend. Schools may not allow religious instruction by outsiders on premises during the school day. This means pastors from local churches should provide an off-campus location near the school where alternative Christian sex education can be taught. It's also legal for Christian parents to have their kids opt-out of conventional sex education.

This one-two punch is the starting point for reversing the peer pressure in our public schools.

Is it possible to turn around the peer pressure in our schools?

First, let's agree that we have negative peer pressure in our schools. The fornication rate has reached epidemic proportions. And even the most strident libertarian cannot deny that fornication is the cause of most STD's, shotgun weddings, abortions, and suicides. But above all, fornication is the abdication of personal responsibility to God and society.

Fornication isn't just a sex act. It's a state of mind. It's the tip of a spiritual iceberg. And the good ship America has run into this iceberg at full speed. The apostle Paul recommended a solution: "Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body." Modern psychology would put it this way. "A person will abuse his body if he feels worthless."


Do our teens feel worthless? Tell a man he's made in the image of God to serve God's eternal purpose and that man's got something to live for. Tell a man that he's an accident of evolution, with no reason for living except to bite off a bigger piece of meat than the next guy and that man's a walking accident waiting to happen. (1 Corinthians 6:18)

Sex Is God's Gift for True Love and Faithfulness

Sex is the either the glue that holds marriages together, or the acid that destroys them. This God-given force needs to be respected and protected.

We've seen what happens when sex is accepted outside of marriage. America is responsible for the greatest genocide of innocents in human history. 35 million abortions in 25 years. Every day, more babies are killed than were murdered in the 9-11 disaster. Over half the kids in America are living in single parent homes...mostly because adults (who say they know what's best) can't keep their pants up.

God invented sex for the purpose of keeping marriages exciting and fruitful. The Apostle Paul understood this when he told married couples to never deprive each other of sex, unless by mutual consent for prayer and fasting, and to come back together quickly lest they sin. (1 Corinthians 7:5) When I was 18, I worked with a 60 year old man, mowing lawns. On our lunch break, he talked about his wife. He said if she knew the power she possessed, she could get anything she wanted. Since I had grown up thinking sex was a recreational sport, I didn't understand what he meant. But after I became a Christian, and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit prompting me to stay pure, I knew the 60 year old man was referring to the fact that he never considered seeking sexual pleasure apart from his wife. If kids were hammered with this one concept, and if the churches hammered their congregations with this one concept, and if every teenager that claims to be Christian understood this to be God's way, we could start reversing the moral slide.

Almost every social ill in America, (which taxpayers are paying for) can be tied in some way to fornication. God demanded that all the males of Israel be circumcised to emphasize this fact. A nation whose men are sexually pure is a nation able to serve God. The foreskin is removed as a sign of cleanliness from sexual sin, and thus, what man considers his most prized possession is dedicated to God. Procreation becomes, (as it was intended to be) an act or worship, furthering the purposes of God.

How American Kids Think

Most kids are adept at regurgitating moral answers while at the same time rationalizing their own immorality. It reminds me of my own experience as a teenager. I was raised in church (once a week) and had additional Bible lessons. But I wasn't converted until I was 18. Up until that time, I lived like the Devil, and rationalized my behavior by thinking that "everybody sins" That was back in the 60's and 70's before the divorce rate in the church was at 50%. It's almost reasonable for kids today to have the same "everybody's a hypocrite" attitude.

So what's the answer? Let's individually start living to the standard that God has given us. Let's start individually demanding that our kids (at least on the outside) start living holy lives. And if our kids don't want to live holy lives, let's look at the possibility that they really didn't get "saved" at that altar call. Perhaps the Church is mistakenly expecting lost people to act like Saints. (2 Corinthians 13:5)

Media indoctrination and school relationships keep most church kids in a perpetual state of spiritual defeat. Church kids fornicate almost as much as heathen. Can we start taking back lost ground?
Media Indoctrination

Sex is not a personal matter

Immoral sex is responsible for destroying countless lives. Every kid has friends who are devastated by divorce. MOST American kids don't live with two biological parents. Immoral sex is the main reason.

Sex isn't just a physical act. It's a mindset.
If you see sex as a wonderful gift of God, to be enjoyed only in marriage, a special and exciting physical experience representing the deep yearnings of the heart, families (and society) will produce healthy boys and girls who look forward to the day they too will share the joy of sex as worship to God..

Sex Is For Marriage

Many cultures celebrate with song and dance and walk with the bride and groom to the house or teepee where they consummate their marriage.

The young couple knew they were responsible to their god and their community to be responsible with this precious gift called sex. Sex used to be the glue that held our marriages together (1 Corinthians 7:5) A society is the sum total of it's citizens. So you could say, with authority, that Godly sex was once the glue that held our society together. It's no wonder our society is coming apart at the seams.

The more Hippie Liberals push sex education without abstinence, more Democrats are turning red.

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